Accreditation, a Credible Process – Mary Lou Capan, Supervising Principal

In a day in which schools are increasingly held accountable for the quality of their efforts, the process of accreditation can be the most significant turn we can take on our journey to self-assessment and improvement.  Gaining accreditation status through a nationally recognized agency is a symbol of quality in education.   Recently, BCCS was accepted as a candidate for accreditation status through Christian Schools International (CSI) and Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSASC). 

The first step is a year-long self-study and appraisal of the school’s offerings, organization, facilities, and materials of instruction.  Through the self-study, we will discover what is needed to fulfill the promises offered by our philosophy and mission statement.  We will also acquire the self-knowledge necessary to plan with confidence.

It is important to us that we not only seek and implement the best possible practices in schooling and operations, but to invite external witnesses to affirm or accredit our work.

In the second step of school accreditation, BCCS will invite a team of external witnesses from CSI and MSASC who will verify the findings of the self-study and acknowledge BCCS’ credibility to the community and beyond. The concept of an external witness is set forth in the Bible on many occasions, but most strikingly in Peter’s proclamation to the crowds in Jerusalem about the person of Jesus Christ: “Men of Israel, listen to this:  Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders, and signs…” Acts 2:22.

Once accreditation is granted we will not rest!  The most important outcome of the process is the school-wide development of a five-year improvement plan that addresses the areas we think need our greatest focus and energy.   A five-year cycle of continuous improvement allows for re-evaluation at periodic intervals, and re-accreditation in the fifth year in order to provide assurance of our continued improvement.

The rigor of the accreditation process through CSI and MSASC involves the entire BCCS school community.  Every stakeholder group will bring their perspective to the process.  This is what makes it so exciting, from my perspective.  The wisdom and wishes of alumni, parents, faculty, students, administration, Board of Directors and school supporters will frame our self-evaluation and kindle the plans for the future of BCCS. 


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Back To School 2013

We are so excited to have the students back in less than two weeks!  Mrs. Capan always says how much she loves that time of year because the school is so hollow without kids over the summer!

We hope and pray that everyone’s summer wraps up great, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

BCCS Elementary School, West Mayfield

BCCS Elementary School, West Mayfield


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Get To Know Mr. Rostoni!

Recently we introduced to you the new High School Principal, Mr. Rostoni.  He has graciously provided some information about his journey to becoming the next principal at the BCCS Merriman Campus!

Greetings to you on behalf of myself and my family!  Here we are:


Rob (myself), JoHanna, Nathan, Spencer, and Joshua Rostoni

It is a blessing and privilege to be a part of this BCCS community.

Let me share a bit of background story on our journey with BCCS.  My first introduction to Christian education came before we even had children.  My wife and I prioritized Christian education since the start of our marriage.  Upon driving into Beaver Falls for my interview at Geneva College, we noted that BCCS was here.  That became part of our first sense of calling to this area.

As the years progressed and children came into the picture, our attention turned more closely to BCCS.  Eagerly, we showed up to BCCS open houses.  (Yes, plural!)  We were warmly and enthusiastically greeted.  We were then asked by the Admissions Director then, “Where is your Kindergartner?” And we told her she was looking at him – the child that was barely in pre-school at the time.  We simply wanted to connect with BCCS well before our children were ready to enroll so that we could have a vision for Christian education, and a vision for the sacrifices we knew we would make.

When we enrolled, in faith, we signed on the dotted line not knowing how we would pay for it.  Just then God provided an extra course for me to teach, covering exactly what we needed for this investment.  God is faithful!

When asked by friends, family and neighbors why we picked BCCS and not the public school, we reply, “We support BCCS for what it is, not for what other schools are not.”  Our children are getting an education grounded in God’s intent for their lives.  In our estimation, the cost and value of this is priceless.

As I think about what might be helpful to illustrate my sense of calling into this position, I’d like to share the process of the journey my wife and I were on.  This opportunity came to me unexpectedly.  My wife was in prayer, led by God’s prompting, this past fall. She informed me four months later of this prayer and prompting. I first dismissed it as I was engaged and content in my current work and ministry, however, as I tried not to think about this, I only thought more about it.  I felt compelled to apply.  As the process unfolded, I began to see how the vision for this position connected with the work that God had been doing in my life. 

Let me connect some “dots” for you:

  • My educational background is in Education Administration with my first year of grad school being a dual track in K-12 Administration and Higher Education Administration Discipline.
  • My 17 years of Christian education administration experience will provide a foundation to move BCCS forward.
  • My 16 years of teaching, including curriculum development, will aid me in maximizing our curriculum goals.
  • My experience in student development, programming, discipline, counseling and advising will help me to provide a formative environment to grow our BCCS students.
  • My love for putting Christ in education drives me to foster an environment where faculty and students pursue knowing God, flourish in his intent for our lives, and love him with our heart, soul, and mind.
  • My role as a BCCS parent compels me to provide an affirming presence to the families and friends of BCCS.

As if that wasn’t enough to show how God was providing clear direction, there was another, somewhat amusing connecting “dot” that came later.  Believe it or not, it came from a second grader.  Yes, a seven year old.  This student, when asked by his mom, “who do you think the next principal will be?” and was given the hint that it was the dad of someone in their class, responded by saying “Nathan R.’s dad.”  What was the child’s reason?  “Because I think he would be the kind of guy that is good at it.”  From the mouths of babes!

So as I embark on this journey with you for this season, I covet your support and prayers.  Your commitment to your children, to this school, and your prayers help us in our mission of preparing BCCS students to be “Biblically Grounded for Life.” 

I look forward to getting to know you.  Please feel free to connect with me anytime.


Rob Rostoni

Post by Rob Rostoni, incoming High School Principal
Introduction by Rose McChesney, Director of Recruitment and Advancement
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Up, Up, and Away!

Reading is certainly a priority at BCCS. So much so that our elementary campus has a Reading Emphasis Week! This year’s plan was to encourage reading in and out of the classroom. Mrs. Copeland, our Reading Specialist, planned a fantastic week for the kids, with a variety of activities that could be catered to each student’s unique personal reading.

Each student had his or her own reading goal, and then classrooms together displayed their individual and collective reading accomplishments. All the classroom doors were decorated, too!

One of the activities was called “Oh D.E.A.R.” Which means “Drop Everything And Read.” At some point in the week, the teachers could suddenly stop what they were doing to Drop Everything And Read for a little while.

Another activity was something that the students could do at home, with the help of their mom or dad. They were told to capture a photo of them reading in a funny, unusual, or extreme place. These photos were posted in the hall for all the students to see. And there were some really creative pictures! There were students upside down, in things, on things, doing other things while reading, and all the pictures were fun to look at.

The culmination of the Reading Emphasis Week was a dress-up day. They were to create a costume and dress up as a favorite book character. Some of the teachers even got involved in this, including the principal. In fact, Mrs. Capan did such a good job on her costume that there was some confusion about whether or not the Magic Schoolbus came to BCCS!

It was a really fun week for all, and everyone did a great job working hard to accomplish or beat their goals. There are a lot of pictures below, so have patience if they take a few minutes loading! We hope you enjoy peeking at the fun, and we also hope you’ll be encouraged to finish that book you started!

 photo db573f290693e7e2158b3a329b51d5b9_zpsc2a17f14.jpg

 photo 0714b2bf4620f10389efddd4241a5546_zpsde15402e.jpg

 photo f345ccb9ccefd735a5b4594e26a1d7cf_zpscc0b132d.jpg

 photo 8b9ca7cbd1ef3172ac69462c2703579b_zps2ff4c1cf.jpg

 photo f032ef31ee1fbf50f2e28d6d0afe699f_zps417e08bb.jpg

 photo dc2b41eed130b9079c625f7327e65053_zps79d57631.jpg

 photo 4d66ec4083862118457fabae8a702a64_zpsa64b3b15.jpg

 photo be0dba1393d3294ea0d16e5309ea90e3_zps0c016467.jpg

 photo 0beb48945db302c44b5707b2acdb5b1b_zpsdd08a568.jpg

 photo f6e8a45adba365afa788ea8906690868_zpsa7f3d684.jpg

And perhaps the best costume of all….


You know you have a pretty special principal when she’ll take the day off and invite Mrs. Frizzle to step in!  Although, Mrs. Frizzle had to work just as hard as Mrs. Capan does…

image image

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